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Options for Passive Real Estate Holdings

There’s More to the Bottom Line of a Real Estate Portfolio

Synopsis: Real estate investing is not just property, but all the ancillary items in the real estate environment that go with it. Some people buy options because they want to profit from the spread. Their goal is not to own a stock or index, just to make money off the option. Watch the interview with best selling author, real estate economist and talk show host of the Real Wealth show Kathy Fettke.

There are so many ways to make money in real estate. You could invest in commercial property so your tenant would be a business. You could buy industrial property and your tenant might be a factory. You can even buy an entire apartment building and have many tenants in one location. You can flip property, invest in tax liens or buy notes. Sometimes the main thing is not the main thing. The economic environment surrounding real estate may be more appealing than owning the property itself.

All of these strategies can lead to great success. But like any ‘thing’ in life, you can do anything, you just can’t do everything – if you want to do it well. As Shakespeare once wrote, “this above all else, to thine own self be true.” You have to know your strengths and weaknesses and not feel obligated to juggle everything. Discover the sector you like, become educated in it, and then run with it.

The key is choosing one path, learning it thoroughly and sticking to it until you are an expert. The best way to achieve success in any investment is to make sure you are working with people who have already done what you are trying to do successfully many times before.

This press release contains selected content from Kathy Fettke’s Amazon Bestseller Retire Rich with Rentals.